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The Sunday Times’ Marina O’Loughlin ‘besotted’ with Hjem

Getting the Sunday papers was particularly sweet at the weekend, thanks to a gorgeous review of Restaurant Hjem by Marina O’Loughlin.

We were delighted to welcome Marina – restaurant critic for The Sunday Times – to Hjem and were even more thrilled to read her review, which you can read in full here.

In it she wrote: "This is food to make you beam with delighted surprise: an eel-like strip of mackerel, perhaps, the skin crisp, the flesh almost translucent, with a sparkling, sweet-sharp gel of gooseberry and a dollop of cool raw cream. Or glassy-crisp chicken skin sandwiching smoked cod’s head."

Later, she added: "It’s the sort of restaurant that makes me remember why I love this job, that makes me believe — against all evidence to the contrary — that everything is right with the world."

It’s enough to make us blush!


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