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The Hairy Bikers come 'Hjem' for new BBC series

Viewers of The Hairy Bikers’ latest series for BBC2 are about to be introduced to Restaurant Hjem.

Hjem is set to be the focus of the series finale for The Hairy Bikers Go Local, which sees the much-loved duo of Si King and Dave Myers doing their best to bring local suppliers together with some of the UK’s top restaurants.

Hjem's commitment to finding the best local produce for our tasting menu made it the perfect fit for Si and Dave's latest TV project - and everyone at the restaurant is extremely proud to be flying the flag for the North East in the eight-part series.

During their time in Northumberland, Si and Dave spent time with Ally and Alex at Hjem and were served dishes from Alex’s stunning tasting menu, before the pair went off on a mission to find inspirational ingredients from local producers.

Ally said: “It was a real pleasure to welcome Si and Dave to Hjem and serve them in our dining room. Although it was obviously a bit nerve wracking to have a film crew around, we had a lovely time.

“They were both so easy to get along with and they certainly know their food, so we were delighted to hear that they appreciated what we’re doing at Hjem.”

Later in the programme, Dave and Si return the favour – inviting Ally and Alex to nearby Healey Hall for a three-course meal to showcase the local suppliers they’ve found.

Wild Salmon caught off the coast of Berwick-upon Tweed; delights from a local fermented food company in Wallsend; and unique chocolate treats from Morpeth all feature… but will the Hairy Bikers menu impress Alex enough to include the ingredients on his menu?

No spoilers here - you'll have to wait and see.

Alex said: “Using the very best local produce is at the heart of what we do in the kitchen at Hjem and we’re always looking for new ideas, so this series was a perfect match.

“It was a great to spend some time around a dining table with Dave and Si and we’re really looking forward to seeing the finished programme.”

The final episode of The Hairy Bikers Go Local airs on BBC2 at 8pm on Friday, January 13. The series will also be available on iPlayer.


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