The Gift of Fine Dining 

Treat a friend, colleague or family member to a fine dining experience at Restaurant Hjem. The tasting menu is created from ingredients sourced from the surrounding farms and gardens of Northumberland. The menu is between 15-18 servings, some of which are small bites, others are larger dishes. All of our food is cooked with Scandinavian precision and techniques.

Our vouchers are available in different increments to cover different packages, including: tasting menus, wine pairings and a stay in our Bed & Breakfast. We also offer standard amounts (£100, £150, £200) that can be put towards their meal. 

With advance notice, we are happy to accommodate any allergies or dietary requirements. Likewise vegetarian and pescatarian menus can also be arranged.

The voucher can be sent to the purchaser or directly to the recipient if you are not able to see them to give it to them in person. Free delivery across the UK. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase, leaving the recipient plenty of time to claim their gift. Vouchers are non refundable. If you would like to purchase a voucher for an amount that isn't listed, please call us on: 01434 681 232